Investing in you

Together with, we are launching a new course for student analysts.

This is your chance to dive into the VC world



Cactus Capital in association with

created a new course for startup analysts students.


Students selected to join fresh.ed will undergo a three-month training program designed to equip them with:

  • Tools they’ll need to identify investment opportunities.

  • Learn how to evaluate early-stage companies.

  • Learn what the heck is DealFlow, SAFE and Cap Table


The program includes twelve 3.5-hour weekly sessions, two outings, homework assignments, and reading materials.

* The course will be held in English

Curious? Check out the syllabus.

The best and brightest will become part of the Cactus Capital Family


After the course, a select group of students will be invited to join our investment team 

and play an active role in deciding where we choose to invest.

Whatever your background or degree,

if you're hard-working and passionate about tech and entrepreneurship

this is the place for you!

We are looking for the best and brightest students to join our team!


A day in the life of a Cactus Student Investor



Scout for investment opportunities on campus.


Meet founders to discuss their ideas and businesses,

listen to pitches, analyze startups and make investment decisions.


Learn the basics of VC by doing, and taking an investment from start to finish.



Develop new initiatives to encourage student entrepreneurship and strengthen the Cactus Community on campus.

Time Commitment



Cactus student analysts are expected to spend roughly 6 hours a week on fund business. 
including meeting startups, organizing events, attending events, due diligence, and taking part in the fund’s investment committee. 


It's a serious commitment, but it's also lots of fun and an incredible learning opportunity.
As a member of the Cactus Capital Investment Team, you will graduate with hands-on 
venture experience and be part of a national network of talented entrepreneurs and 


You can't stop thinking about tech & entrepreneurship.


You see things differently from other people.

Hard Working

You are dedicated to achieving your goals through hard work.

People Person

You like networking events and people love working with you.

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