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We were first imagined by BGN as a way to complement their rare ability to transform academic research into innovative commercial technology. BGN has to date invested $500 million in technology inspired by academic research, but they weren’t done yet. BGN, wanted to invest in students. At the same time, BGU identified entrepreneurship as the next great path towards growth. They believe that no one grows faster than their students. Thus, the idea for Israel’s first student-run venture capital firm powered by a university, was born! 

Today, we call their idea Cactus Capital

Cactus Capital, in partnership with, provide quick capital and founder friendly processes. Together, we offer a training course for students to take a leading part in the fund’s investment team. is Israel's first university-focused venture capital fund. The fresh.ed investment course is a one of a kind hands-on course that turns students into investors. Its graduates are empowered and responsible for investing in BGU student-run companies. 
In addition, the leading law firm for Negev founders, Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitiski & Co Law Firm, wanted to expand and support student led innovation, so they joined the initiative.

Cactus Capital prides itself on being founder friendly, supportive of all entrepreneurial initiatives, and quick decisions leading to funding. No cactus grows alone, only together can we reach new heights.


Launching Cactus Capital will allow us, at the University, to offer students a groundbreaking way to learn about entrepreneurship, one based on hands-on experience.

~ Neta Cohen, CEO of BGN

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